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Hey there! I’m Melanie.


I have always had a calling to create and worked at a florist shop throughout college. This where my love for blooms started. Years later, after moving to Nantucket, the natural beauty of this island reawakened my creativity and Fleurish was born. 

I believe life should be cherished and celebrated. This is what drew me to this industry in the first place-the chance to create beauty around people's most cherished and intimate moments. This belief, is at the very core of my business. Fleurish specializes in intimate florals; meaning small weddings, elopements, intimate gatherings, and events.

Fleurish was inspired by the earth, sand, and sea. You will find this inspiration come through in most of my floral designs-they are whimsical, full of texture, and movement.

I only take on a handful of events a year in order to give each of my clients the best possible experience.

"The earth laughs in flowers."

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